Parenting Coordination is a process where a trained facilitator gives parents additional assistance in their efforts to co-parent. The purpose of parenting coordination is to help parent work through their differences and make joint decisions for the child. The goals of the Parenting Coordinator can vary from case to case, but some common goals are:

  1. determine how to follow the court ordered parenting time schedule;
  2. make temporary changes to the parenting time schedule when needed;
  3. resolve and reduce conflicts over parenting;
  4. have meaningful and healthy parent-child relationships;
  5. learn the skills needed to engage in collaborative parenting; and
  6. decrease constant litigation.

The primary goal for all involved in the parenting coordination process should be to help the parents be able to make their decisions jointly without the help of the Parenting Coordinator.

Keep in mind, that while our Parenting Coordinator Jaimie Cairns is also an attorney, she is not an attorney if you hire her to be your Parenting Coordinator. As such, a parenting coordinator does not offer legal advice or take the side of one parent. It’s also important to remember that Parenting Coordinators are not therapists, mediators, guardian ad litems, judges or custody evaluators.

In order to hire a Parenting Coordinator, an order of the court is generally required. The order will determine the ultimate authority of the Parenting Coordinator but could include the following:

  • Helping the parents follow the court ordered parenting schedule
  • Assisting with establishing daily routines, including transportation
  • Choosing medical care providers and dealing with medical diagnoses
  • Determination of appropriate extracurricular activities for the children
  • Appropriate discipline the children
  • Working on the best means for communication of the parties

Jaimie Cairns of Cairns Law is a trained Indiana parenting coordinator and can offer these services to parents. Jaimie offers parenting coordination services in Marion county and the surrounding counties, including Hamilton, Johnson, Hancock, Hendricks, and Boone counties. Keep in mind that you can hire a parenting coordinator even if you do not have an attorney. Contact us today if you’d like to discuss these services.

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