Looking for legal expertise regarding divorce?

With a passion for practicing family law, our team of attorneys are here to assist you if you are facing the difficult questions of divorce in Indiana. While this area of law is just developing in Indiana, our attorneys have experience representing clients of same sex marriages. A same sex divorce is logistically no different than any other divorce in Indiana. Therefore, you may find additional information about the divorce process on other pages of our website.

We can answer any of your questions pertaining to:
  • Where to file for a divorce
  • What needs to be filed
  • The filing fees
  • Notifying the partner
  • Preliminary hearings and agreements

Our attorneys have the legal experience to assist you with these issues. Once you discuss your concerns with us, we can begin to provide the guidance you need. If you would like to have a phone consultation, contact us at (317) 632-4711. At Cairns Rabiola Vance, LLC, our passion is to serve our thriving community.

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