Flexible Options for All Types

of Family Law Cases

We know that most clients do not plan ahead to pay their legal fees in family law or divorce cases and that paying an upfront retainer of thousands of dollars is not possible for some clients. Additionally, some clients prefer flexibility in how they pay their legal fees. With that in mind, Cairns Rabiola Vance, LLC  offers three options for payment of legal fees:

  • Traditional Retainer: Under a traditional retainer agreement, the client pays a set amount of money to the firm. We then hold that money in our trust account. Each month as we do work we bill that work at an hourly rate. At the end of the month we run bills for each client and determine the amount of fees the client has spent that month. Then, we transfer those funds out of the client’s retainer (held in the trust account). If the client’s retainer is depleted, the client is asked to replenish his/her retainer. If the case ends and the client has a balance in their retainer, the remaining balance is refunded. The amount of the initial retainer and any subsequent retainers is based on the complexity of the case. However, it is important to remember that the retainer is not an estimate of the total cost of the case.
  • Flexible Monthly Plan: Clients who would like the flexibility of not paying a full retainer may instead choose to put a credit card on file with Cairns Rabiola Vance, LLC. Under this arrangement, the client authorizes Cairns Rabiola Vance, LLC   to pay his/her invoice monthly on the credit card on file. We offer a 5% discount on our hourly rates for clients that choose this option.
  • Fixed Monthly Plan: Similar to clients on the flexible monthly plan, clients on the fixed monthly plan will put a credit card on file with Cairns Rabiola Vance, LLC. However, under this plan, the client and attorney will agree on an amount and frequency that the card will be charged (for example, the client will agree to pay $300 every 2 weeks). The card will continue to be charged this amount at the agreed rate until the case ends and the balance of the fees are paid in full. Just like the traditional retainer plan, money that has not been spent by the client on attorney fees will be placed in trust and if the case ends and the trust account has a balance this balance will be refunded to the client.

 We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards (including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover).

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