The attorneys of Cairns Law, LLC, are experienced in handling Indiana adoptions, particularly when the adoptive parent is a step-parent of the child.

Generally, both biological parents, if known, must consent to an adoption. However, under Indiana law there are certain circumstances that allow for the consent of a biological parent to not be required. These circumstances include non-payment of child support and lack of communication. If the consent of the biological parent is not required, then a step-parent adoption may be possible. Indiana law allows for step-parents to adopt children in a manner that is a bit easier than a typical adoption; this means that the adoption can cost significantly less than a standard adoption.

If you are married or have a significant other that has been involved substantially in your child’s life while the biological parent has not, you should speak to one of our experienced attorneys to determine if a step-parent adoption may be appropriate in your situation.

If you are interested in filing a step-parent or grandparent adoption of a child, contact the experienced family law and Indianapolis divorce attorney at Cairns Law. Call 317/632-4711 to speak to an attorney or fill out our contact form and an attorney will contact you within one business day.