Is your Indianapolis divorce uncontested? While many people think they should simply handle an uncontested divorce themselves, doing so can result in a mess down the road. The experienced divorce lawyers of Cairns Law offers flat fee services for uncontested divorces. Our services ensure that your divorce is processed as quickly as possible, is approved by the Court, and won’t cause you headaches down the road.

Our flat fee service includes drafting all the necessary paperwork, advising you on settlement terms that are fair and likely to be approved by the Court, and handling filing of all paperwork. Additionally, if your divorce becomes contested for any reason, our lawyers are more than capable of handling any conflict that may arise (please note, however, that additional fees may apply if your case becomes contested). It’s important to hire a lawyer that knows all facets of divorce law and can handle anything that may arise in your case.

Our attorneys can also assist clients in uncontested divorce with drafting of documents related to divorce. This may include Qualified Domestic Relations Orders for division of retirement accounts, quitclaim deeds for transfer of marital real estate, and income withholding orders for quick and easy payment of child support.

If you are interested in discussing our flat fee services for uncontested divorces, contact us at (317)632-4711, info@crfamilylegal.com, or complete our contact form and we will contact you. We offer free thirty minute phone consultations for all cases.