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Deciding to dissolve your marriage is never easy. It is important to have an attorney on your side who is compassionate and cares about your individual case. The attorneys at Cairns Law have decades of experience in guiding people through the process of divorce. Whether your divorce is highly contentious and requires litigation or is uncontested, we can assist you through the process in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our attorneys are also experienced in the following divorce-related issues:

  • High asset divorces

  • Divorces involving pensions and other retirement accounts

  • Relocation issues

  • Jurisdiction issues (including situations involving UIFSA and UCCJA)

  • Child custody

  • Child support

Estate planning

Our attorneys can assist in preparing a will that ensures your family avoids the time, expenses, and frustration of protracted litigation after your death, which may otherwise be necessary if you die without a will. A will can not only dictate how your assets are distributed but it can also also establish a trust for your beneficiaries and name your preferred guardian of your children. A trust for your beneficiaries is a useful tool if your beneficiaries are minors or if you are concerns about your beneficiaries abilities to manage the inherited funds.

Our will preparation package also includes a power of attorney, health care representative and a living will. These documents assist your loved ones in being able to care for you both medically and financially in the event you are unable to do so yourself.

collaborative law

Collaborative Law is commonly referred to as “no-court divorce.” What that means is that the divorcing spouses and their attorneys each seeking a divorce agree to resolve all matters at issue outside of the courtroom. This enables the parties to devise an agreement that can be more specifically tailored to the needs of their family, with more privacy, and without much of the added costs and adversarial strains of litigation.

While the Collaborative Process is not for everyone, it is a great option for those who have contested issues but who wish to preserve and even strengthen their co-parenting relationship and/or address difficult issues with more privacy and creativity than possible in traditional litigation. Both spouses will need to find an attorney trained in Collaborative Practice in order to proceed with this route. Both spouses and their respective attorneys must sign an agreement that they will rely on the Collaborative Process to complete the divorce, and will not resort to litigation.

 In the event that the parties fall out of the Process and turn to litigation, both attorneys must withdraw their representation. In this way, everyone involved in the Process has something at stake and is willing to work together to find the best possible solution for the spouses that suits their interests and goals.


Paternity cases are cases involving children out of wedlock. In addition to establish paternity, paternity cases are used to determine custody of the child, establish a parenting time arrangement, and calculate child support. These order establish the rules the parents must abide by until the child is 18 years old. It is important for parents of child born outside of a marriage to both know his/her rights and protect them. Parents all too often go to court in paternity cases without representation and find themselves facing adversarial opposing parties or counsel. This can result in unfavorable rulings that can have a significant impact on both you and your child or children.

Our family law attorneys are experienced in the myriad of issues that come up in paternity cases. Whether the child is an infant or a teenager, we can assist you in working toward your desired outcome.

prenuptial agreements

Pre-nuptial agreements (also called pre-marital agreements or pre-nups) are contracts that parties sign prior to getting married that outline what is to occur in the event of the death of either party or a divorce. Generally, pre-nuptial agreements give parties make arrangements that differ from what the law would do in the event of death or divorce.

Pre-nuptial agreements are beneficial to parties who have assets that they want to protect in the event of divorce, such as inheritance, retirement benefits, or business interests. However, pre-nuptial agreements can also have significant legal consequences that each party should be aware of prior to entering the agreement.

parenting coordination

Parenting Coordination is a process where a a trained facilitator gives parents additional assistance in their efforts to co-parent. The purpose of parenting coordination is to help parent work through their differences and make joint decisions for the child. The goals of the Parenting Coordinator can vary from case to case, but some common goals are:

  1. determine how to follow the court ordered parenting time schedule;

  2. make temporary changes to the parenting time schedule when needed;

  3. resolve and reduce conflicts over parenting;

  4. have meaningful and healthy parent-child relationships;

  5. learn the skills needed to engage in collaborative parenting; and

  6. decrease constant litigation.

The primary goal for all involved in the parenting coordination process should be to help the parents be able to make their decisions jointly without the help of the Parenting Coordinator.

Keep in mind, that while our Parenting Coordinator Jaimie Cairns is also an attorney, she is not an attorney if you hire her to be your Parenting Coordinator. As such, a parenting coordinator does not offer legal advice or take the side of one parent. It’s also important to remember that Parenting Coordinators are not therapists, mediators, guardian ad litems, judges or custody evaluators.


Mediation is a process by which you and the other party attempt to resolve your case without going to court. Mediation allows you to craft detailed agreements that are personally suited for you and your family’s unique situation. The mediator is a neutral party whose job is to assist you resolve the conflict. The mediation process itself is confidential.

Jaimie Cairns and Kelsey Vance are trained Indiana domestic relations mediators who mediate for an hourly rate of $150. Find out more about mediation here. Cairns Law does mediations for clients with attorneys and also for clients who do not have attorneys. Complete our contact form below to schedule your mediation.


The attorneys of Cairns Law, LLC, are experienced in handling Indiana adoptions, particularly when the adoptive parent is a step-parent or second parent of the child.

Generally, both biological parents, if known, must consent to an adoption. However, under Indiana law there are certain circumstances that allow for the consent of a biological parent to not be required. These circumstances include non-payment of child support and lack of communication. If the consent of the biological parent is not required, then a step-parent adoption may be possible. Indiana law allows for step-parents to adopt children in a manner that is a bit easier than a typical adoption; this means that the adoption can cost significantly less than a standard adoption.

uncontested divorce

Is your Indianapolis divorce uncontested? While many people think they should simply handle an uncontested divorce themselves, doing so can result in a mess down the road. The experienced divorce lawyers of Cairns Law offers flat fee services for uncontested divorces. Our services ensure that your divorce is processed as quickly as possible, is approved by the Court, and won’t cause you headaches down the road.

Our flat fee service includes drafting all the necessary paperwork, advising you on settlement terms that are fair and likely to be approved by the Court, and handling filing of all paperwork. Additionally, if your divorce becomes contested for any reason, our lawyers are more than capable of handling any conflict that may arise (please note, however, that additional fees may apply if your case becomes contested). It’s important to hire a lawyer that knows all facets of divorce law and can handle anything that may arise in your case.

Our attorneys can also assist clients in uncontested divorce with drafting of documents related to divorce. This may include Qualified Domestic Relations Orders for division of retirement accounts, quitclaim deeds for transfer of marital real estate, and income withholding orders for quick and easy payment of child support.


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