Representation in family-related legal matters is important, not only to protect yourself but to protect your loved ones. Hiring an experienced family attorney can help take the guesswork out of resolving complex family issues. At Cairns Family Law, LLC, we’re compassionate, experienced, and effective representation ready to support YOU.


If you are interested in filing a step-parent or grandparent adoption of a child, we’re here to help.

Generally, both biological parents, if known, must consent to an adoption. However, under Indiana law, there are certain circumstances that allow for the consent of a biological parent to not be required. These circumstances include the non-payment of child support and lack of communication. If the consent of the biological parent is not required, then a step-parent adoption may be possible. Indiana law allows for step-parents to adopt children in a manner that is a bit easier than a typical adoption; this means that the adoption can cost significantly less than a standard adoption.

If you are married or have a significant other that has been involved substantially in your child’s life while the biological parent has not, you should speak to one of our experienced attorneys to determine if a step-parent adoption may be appropriate in your situation. Learn more about the options available to you, we’re here to guide you through this process.


Dealing with child support issues is generally a complicated task. In seeking answers to your needs, whatever your new circumstances or reasons may be, our team can offer the needed legal advice, representation, and skills to reach a reasonable resolution to the situation.

There are several factors that may be considered for a modification, including:

  • Current income of both parties
  • Other financial obligations of either parent
  • Adjustments to any health insurance, child care, or other expenses

Given the numerous factors that are taken into account regarding child support modification, it is important to seek assistance for family issues similar to this. We will help guide you throughout the entire legal process. Because most of all, we want to simplify the complicated situation you are trying to resolve.


Child custody modifications can be complicated and messy so the right representation matters. Child custody modifications can occur when there has been a substantial and continuing change of circumstances that justifies modifying the current child custody order.

There are several factors that may be considered for a modification, including:

  • The child’s grades
  • The child’s behavior
  • The mental health of all involved (parents and children)
  • Drug abuse by one parent
  • Other legal issues

One important thing to remember in a child custody modification is that it is not an opportunity to relitigate a prior hearing. In other words, in order to obtain a modification, you will need to show that something substantial has occurred that affects the child directly and that it occurred after the last hearing or order. We are here to assist you with your child custody modification and provide you with practical legal advice that will help you determine what is your child’s best interest.


Representation regarding post-secondary education expenses can become very complex as there are many legal complexities regarding post-secondary education child support. The pressures to understand the legal terms in a timely and comprehensive way are equally confounding. 

The issue of post-secondary education may depend on a variety of factors including:

  • Current child support payments
  • Child’s ability to obtain financing
  • Each parent’s ability to obtain additional financing
  • The cost of a four-year education at an in-state or other institution

We’re here to help you understand your options and to support you in the decision you make. 

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